• Eric McCoy

Let our Voices Echo: L.O.V.E

From a chapter in "Pain, Failure and Misery are the Stepping Stones to Success."

From a chapter titled "Let Our Voices Echo." This chapter was specifically for families who have lost loved ones either through death or uncertainty on if they are alive; I ended the chapter with this poem that may offer comfort. I feel it is important that our society removes the stigma of shame involved and talk about our pain. The acronym I created for L.O.V.E: Let Our Voices Echo. put your loved ones name that you lost in the lines at the bottom as you read it

I want to tell you about my love for you,

As I hurt by the choices you’ve made,

Nothing will ever come between you see,

Except to heal and find joy in me.

I remember the laughter that brought us together,

As I can’t think of a better time.

The joy that I had to watch you grow,

Brings a smile that I can’t destroy.

You will always be with me in my heart,

As a dove reminds me of you.

You will live forever from the mark you made,

As you go upon your way.

I stand for you and tell your story,

Because you are set free.

A gift to many that are suffering,

It’s the lessons you will gladly bring.

I’m happy yet sad that our time is up.

The door for us has shut.

The window has opened to a brand-new purpose,

But it’s you who has cleared the dust.

I will take some time to process the loss,

An emptiness that will always remain.

I will fill the void with an untamed goal,

That is to heal through your eternal soul.

Thank you ________ for that precious gift,

Of the time I spent with you.

But teachers are designed to often lead,

And then set their students free.

I love you _________________________

And rejoice in you

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