• Eric McCoy

You Deserve Happiness

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Despite what you may feel at this moment, you deserve happiness and a life that demands joy, a self-love that allows you to separate from external pain and internally appreciate what you do have at this moment, right here and right now. As I discussed earlier in the book, fear can be overthrown by an appreciation that will ground you. HEALING ME can be equated with Happiness Equals a Loving, Invigorating, Never-ending, Grateful, Multifaceted Exultation. It’s the strength that comes from many facets as we come together and support each other through love and gratitude that allows us an ability to rejoice. Shame and blame is what I’ve seen mostly throughout the years that will hold you down and destroy your life. It’s time that we stand together, as there’s no need to do this alone, and LOVE together—Let Our Voices Echo.

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