As seen on Recovery Today Magazine: Highness is not a property of drugs but a property of people. I enjoy getting high and will remain high for the rest of my life which can only be accomplished by staying clean and sober. "Pain, Failure and Misery are the Stepping Stones to Success" will help you learn to think for yourself and see the world differently. This book offers ideas that may help YOU save your life. Adolescents, families, and clinicians can gain a real understanding of how the road to hell was the first stop I needed before I could gain access to that newly paved road to heaven.

Pain, Failure and Misery are the Stepping Stones to Success


Pain, Failure and Misery are the Stepping Stones to Success is a story of triumph that only pain and misery could bring. It is a story of hope that is offered for our youth, our family and friends who are suffering from chemical dependency, for those who have lost loved ones as they didn't have to die in vain, and for clinicians who are seeking a way to think that may differ from the norm so we can offer tools to save lives. With an average of 7 Americans dying every hour from a drug overdose it is time we stop focusing on the reduction of supply, because it isn't working and focus on demand. It is time we do something and that time is now.



Some of the happiest people that I know have been dragged through the depths of hell at some point in their lives because of the experience that they had, as pain and misery became the norm, only to see that other road of comfort and pleasure that they embraced and appreciated. Courage will be the foundation for your change, whether this be for a family member or the individual working to get clean by letting go. Letting go will create pain, but misery doesn’t have to exist in this equation. It can feel miserable to let go of the drug or let go of a family member, but that misery doesn’t have to last once we can light the spark that love can bring. Loving the most important person, which is you, will turn your life around and allow you to smile and enjoy life with whatever pain you may be dealing with. Let love be your guiding force.

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People get sober because of what they don't want but stay sober because of what they do want.

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